POD Game Jam

game jam 2What happens when you force a bunch of games writers to actually make a videogame? We don’t know either.

Six game critics enter, six games are created, and hilarity ensues. This weekend we’re going to give it a go, so check in here to see our progress!

And after an amusing Facebook Poll, the theme has been chosen:


And now we’ll go forth, and create – the final products will be up next week.

In the meantime, you can check out all our tweets on the subject (#podgamejam), or just

Check out our shit:

Caitlin Oram

Joshua Dennison

Reid McCarter



The jam is over, and the games are up! You can check out Reid’s on his log page (above), and Caitlin links to hers in her log page (above as well). For all of them in one place (or if you want to download versions), you can grab ‘em all from our game jam dropbox. Enjoy!