Caitlin Oram

So I have degrees in English and Comp Sci, but I haven’t programmed in years. This weekend I intend to take out my rusty old Unity skills to see what I can come up with, but I’m more terrified than excited – but it’s that kind of terrified that means you’re doing something right.

I’ll do my best to post dev-log-ish blurbs, but it may just end up being the occasional disillusioned tweet. ;)

(please keep in mind that I’m PST, so do with that what you will)


10PM, Friday Night

IT BEGINS. I have an idea of what I’m doing, and I’ve just jotted down a rough design document. I’m starting up Unity, and will mess with a character controller that’ll give me a rough sidescroller. My task for tonight before bed is enemy spawners and, if I’m feeling up for it, making some prefabs for different types of enemies. I wonder if it’ll be too big to all load at once, or if I’ll need to break it down into a couple of levels?


Yeah, bedtime for me. I have my player (enough for now), and I’m working on baddies. I totally didn’t get enemy spawners; I’m not sure I want them after all. For now, I’m just working on getting one enemy to attack, and he refuses to jump. What a jerk.

8:30AM, Saturday Morning

screenshot 1This is where I’m starting today. I have a character, I have an enemy, I can kill the enemy (but for some reason I speed up when I do). The enemy knows when it’s supposed to attack (but doesn’t properly yet).

I’m going to leave all the fiddly graphics/aesthetics bits for later. First, I need a playable game.


I just realized that I’ve been getting my knickers in a twist about a feature that isn’t even necessary – it may take a little longer to load, but I can just plug in the background models manually, instead of with a nifty script. And yet, of course, I just spend somewhere around an hour banging my head against a wall (and it shouldn’t even be that hard). On the plus side, now the camera follows you around, and I have some models in the background for scenery. Also, I’ve figured out the movement thing so it’s all good. The thing I’ve been avoiding is actually getting the damn enemies to attack. I should also get going on some of the pop-up text boxes and menus and crap; but that’s a problem for Future Caitlin. Break time for now!


I’m back, I’m fed, and I’ve had my outdoor fix for this weekend (it’s bright and warm out there, and it makes my skin hurt :P). Now I’m gonna get the attackers to attack. That’s my plan.
Alright, Unity, it’s you and me.

my body is ready deer


dead collapseI have the baddies spawning the way I want them to, but they’re attacking and acting really weird. I’m probably going to play that off as a ‘feature.’ I’m gonna mess with the difficulty scaling and then start on the end / boss. Now I just need to figure out who/what the boss is, and how they attack you. >.>

Also, maybe health packs should be a thing? Destroyable barrels etc w/ heals? I’ll ponder it.


Welp, I followed some thought processes, lost some others, and fixed some bugs I didn’t know I had. I’m going to get the boss’ functionality done before going to bed tonight – then I can make the game pretty tomorrow (and do other features, like the plot). I mean, I feel like I spent that time after lunch working, but I just don’t feel like I have a lot to show for it. WELCOME TO SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT, AMIRITE?
Anyway. Boss before bed. Boss before bed. Boss before bed.


birdie batman

Screw you, Unity. Basically all the time between the last post and this one was spend bashing my head against a wall with a bug that meant  the boss was going to take damage from your flamethrower, no matter where you were on the map. >.> @DoktorLoy helped me fix it, and now I’m tired and grumpy at Unity and going to bed. I didn’t finish the boss (I’m the worst!) but all the functionality that’s left is the boss actually attacking the player, and I have all the infrastructure for that set up and ready to go. Now I’m gonna go have dinner and write out / plot out the script.
And Unity, you know I don’t mean it, right? It’s just that you can be such a petty asshole sometimes – but while you piss me off, I still love you!

9AM Sunday

screenshot 2This is the boss – hopefully by the end of today I’ll have had time to give him a model. If I’m super lucky, I can even get some textures on everything. I’m gonna get the boss’ attacks finished up before breakfast and my shower, then I’ll start on the popups I’ll be using for text and plot stuff. I’ve left a lot to get done today, and my final product will likely look like crap, but I’m really gonna give ‘er a try!

business face10:45AM

Right, now you can play through, fight baddies, and kill the boss (after he fights back). I think the difficulty curve is… manageable? It’s a little tough, but all in all the basic functionality is done. Breakfast, shower, then UI.

not bad



Menus in Unity are a bitch.


welp yeah.

It seems to work, but I’m not entirely sure how. It’s ugly, it’s rough, but it’s a game. Now I have 6 hours in which to see if I can remember how to make models (in Blender) b/c it’s nearly impossible to find what I want for free.

At this point, it’s definitely gonna be ugly and material-less (dealwithit) – I’m just hoping to get some models in, and maybe have some time for more polishing.



Dinner time – my brain is not working, and so I’m having dinner. Then maybe I’ll improve my health bar (which is really just a health printout right now) – and then I’ll likely call it a night.


Welp, I’m calling it. I have no more brain, but I tried. It’s not great, but it’s a game.


 This was a great exercise, I’ve gotten a ton of work done, and it was good fun.  Helluva learning experience, too. I’m sending my game into the Power That Be, and it’ll be posted along with the rest later.

Cheers, all!

The Game: Toaster Squad

You can play the web version here, or download a Linux, MacOS, or Windows build from our game jam dropbox. Enjoy!