Dark Scavenger OST Is Good But Lackluster

Last week saw the release of Dark Scavenger OST, the orchestral soundtrack composed by Harmonix sound gurus Joe Kelly and Alex Gold. While it has its own merit, I don’t think it stands well on its own – it sounds like a good (if generic) RPG soundtrack.

On one hand, I do quite like the compositions in general, and I think the theme is great:

However, there is a lot of battle music that sounds to me like generic RPG battle music. I don’t feel like I’m hearing anything unique to this game.

That being said, the album holds together really well – the violin that sings the main theme (in the first video) appears often, in any song that sounds important. The battle music is fun and intense (even if the drum lines get a little synth-y), and I love it when the violin pairs with the electric guitars. It’s creative and interesting, and it definitely adds a dark, intense taste to the piece. Take this piece:

In general, it’s a good soundtrack – but I think to really get the most out of it, you need to hear it first when playing the game.