Game Music Bundle 5

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The good folks over at Game Music Bundle done it again: the Game Music Bundle 5 is out, with some amazing soundtracks available for super cheap. For $1, you get six super-sexy soundtracks. Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from each!

Monaco: What’s yours Is Mine

You know in those classic silent films, where the only score is a plucky piano that helps walk you through the mood of each scene? That’s this soundtrack. It’s just Austin Wintory (of Journey fame, among others) and a piano, and it’s seriously fun to listen to.


Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded

In contrast to the previous album, here Austin Wintory has paired up with the Late Night Jazz Orchestra to make a gorgeous jazzy album that occasionally gets frivolous. Some tracks give you the full big-band treatment, others go for a more chill synthy feeling, and one features the smooth crooning of Melora Hardin. While it’s all done with a full jazz band, however, it’s still clearly a soundtrack to an adventure game, so each song sets the scene for a level you’d enjoy wandering through.



While both are jazzy, the difference between a relatively light-hearted adventure game (Leisure Suit Larry) and this stealth puzzle game is noticeable in the sound. Slower, more tense music, the Gunpoint OST also makes more use of kinda techie synth noises to help emphasize the high-tech security systems you’re trying to circumvent. I’ve been finding it particularly good as background music as I write – upbeat enough to keep me working, but not too upbeat to be distracting. This album is a joint operation between three artists: John Robert Matz (previous work includes the Artemis soundtrack), Ryan Ike (previous work includes Chroma), and Francisco Cerda (previous work includes Jamestown).

FTL: Faster Than Light

With Ben Prunty’s FTL soundtrack, you’re basically getting two OSTs for the price of one. For the first half of the album, it’s the pieces that play outside of battle – so the super chill ‘explore’ pieces. The other half, you guessed it, is the battle music; but even then, it’s still pretty chill. All in all, it’s a really good electronic album with varying levels of bass, intenseness, or other instruments.


The World of Goo

The World of Goo soundtrack is hard to put into a genre. You get the creepy pipe organ waltz, the inspirational brass march, the spooky piece with strings and bells, the Tron-like with synths and squeaks; you want it, this album’s got it.If you want a cool insight into compose Kyle Gabler’s head, he gives you a breakdown of each track over on his site; he explains his inspirations, his goals, and the purpose of each track. It’s absolutely worth taking a look.


This is a soundtrack I believe everyone should have in their collection. Period. Honestly, I’ve listened to this album too much to be able to describe it super well, so I’m afraid I’ll have to be generic. By Disasterpeace, it’s a gorgeous chiptune album that is as unique and stylized as the game it goes along with. If you like chiptunes at all, get this. If you don’t, this album might change your mind.

To be blunt: you should get this bundle. For just a dollar, you get six albums that will only make your life better. If you want to kick it up a notch (BAM!), $10 will get you 13 more albums, including a couple of additional albums for Fez and Monaco and the soundtrack to Frog Fractions. I’d highly recommend it – but it’s a limited time offer, so head over now!