Game Music Bundle: Worth the $1

iGame Music BundleFor the past week, I’ve been listening to various albums from the Game Music Bundle. For those who don’t know, it’s a pay-what-you-want (min $1) bundle that gets you 5 game soundtracks, with an additional 7 if you pay $10 or more. More sales unlock more soundtracks, so there is a chance to get more albums once they’ve been unlocked (for frees!). All in all, pretty classic bundle approach – but with music instead of games. I love it so much. Just to give you a taste of what you can get, after the jump are the first 5 that you get for just a buck.

Austin Wintory’s Horn soundtrack starts the list. You may recognize him as the composer of the Journey soundtrack (among others), but this time around his gorgeous orchestral OST features a penny whistle, a viol de gamba (Renaissance era bowed instrument), and an ocarina.

The Squids Wild West soundtrack, composed by Romain Gauthier (of Panic Flight, iBlast Moki, and Edge fame, to name a few), goes for ambient music with a distinct country twang, while still playing with synths and reverb to hint at the underwater setting.

Where the previous two are primarily acoustic/orchestral, the Puzzlejuice soundtrack is primarily a space-agey techno with hints of strings here and there. It’s composed by Big Giant Circles, known for his album “Impostor Nostalgia” (that you should really check out).

The Globulous soundtrack is also very space-agey, but it tends to focus more on ambient relaxation (with moments of upbeat techno offset by moments of orchestral strings). According to the album’s description on the Bundle’s site, composers zircon and Jeff Ball “wanted the music to be exciting and interesting without being too chaotic or distracting,” and I think they succeeded.

Every music bundle needs some chiptunes, and the Organ Trail soundtrack happily fills that need. As ominous as it is chippy, it has a great hip-hop backbeat that’ll jump in now and again. Ben Crossbones, who’s had his musical hands in games including Prey 2 and Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD, has really done justice to the game’s dark yet compelling style. For a bonus – read over the track titles. Each one is either deeply macabre or depressing – well done, either way.

Each album is a great listen, and again, these are only the first 5. If you pay over $10, you get an additional 7 albums (and maybe more later). You only have a few more days to grab the bundle, so I say head over there now! DRM free, MP3 or FLAC, and the money goes to the artists, to charity, and to the bundle itself. The real question is: how can you afford not to?