Look What We Found: Schizoid Game Album


The only word I’ve got right now is, “Wow!”

A little over a year ago, I was eagerly anticipating a game called The Way of Yiji. As with every other game I’ve been eagerly anticipating, I kept checking in on it. So last week, I emailed the developer, and he was kind to email me back loads of good news!

Andre Eichemberg tells me that not only was The Way of Yiji being released, but it was now going to be part of a video game album. A free video game album, called Schizoid. His exact words:

“In the general we were very pleased, because many issues were evident when we have assembled games all together, making evident successes, failures, cool stuff, boring, problems and difficulties. We think that everything closes this initial cycle that began with The Way of Yiji and Flick (the game of my colleague Vinicius Sanches).

“The idea is to release an album of short games every 2 years and that the Schizoid may have individual and intimate games and other games in group. Each album will have a special guest. In this album we call the superb game of Loud Noises, Headblaster through the contact with Andre Asai. We have found the game simply fantastic, with a breakneck pace and with a maturity of gameplay we’re trying.”


Experimental. Interesting. A developer trying something different. Just looking through the presentation alone is a lovely experience. As I waited for one follow-up email from him, I was excited to watch the site take shape. They tried some things, and even in those efforts it was evident exactly how experimental this is.

There’s also a digital artbook that includes early sketches of The Way of Yiji that can be acquired by donating $2.99 on the site.

It’s all a wonderful package put together by Eichemberg, so if you’re looking for something extraordinary to explore on a Saturday night, it’s hard to do better than Schizoid.