Mann vs Machine Survival Guide: Medic


Name: Unknown (answers to “MEDIC” and “DOKTOR”)
Job: Doctor Assisted Homicide
Role: Support
Play If Your Team Has: An engineer and 2+ high damage-dealing classes
Best With: Any damage-heavy class (I prefer Heavy, because MvM is all about defense, but also compliments Pyros nicely)
My Canteen: Critical Hit Boost
My Loadout: Standard Medi Gun, Ubersaw, Blutsauger

Strategy: The obvious challenge with a medic is that you aren’t particularly powerful when it comes to dealing damage. For this reason, I stay back, healing a heavy hitter like a Pyro or a Heavy right up where the robots come in (unless needed nearby). This means that if my heavy hitter dies, I’m pretty much helpless to stop the robots. For healing, I tend to prefer an invulnerability medic (Medi Gun or Quick Fix [Edit: Quick Fix doesn't invuln, I'm totally wrong here]). There’s a lot to be said for invulnerability, especially when you’re surrounded by more scouts than you can light on fire at once. Regardless of which medigun you take, though, take the “Share Canteens” powerup and fill your canteen. If you’re going invuln medic, take a crit canteen; if you’re going Kritzkrieg, take the invuln canteen (which is actually slightly cheaper, so if you like the Kritzkrieg, you’re golden).  This way no matter which gun you take, you and your heal-ee can have critical hits (so much damage!) and invulnerability (I AM BULLETPROOOOOF) all at once. What more could you want? After filling the canteen, I put the rest of my money into increasing über charge rate and duration – it meant I had more über than I knew what to do with, and even the scouts had trouble breaking my and my heavy’s line.

Loadout Strategy: If whoever I’m healing dies, my Blutsauger means that I can fire into an oncoming horde to gain health as I retreat to find someone to heal. If they keep coming and get close enough, I pull out my Übersaw. Once in melee range, I can slice them up pretty bad while powering up my über (each successful hit gives me 25%); in every match there is at least one moment when all my teammates are dead, and I’m standing on top of the bomb drop zone wildly slicing and hoping somebody respawns soon; if I’m lucky, someone respawns in time and I have an über ready. I survive maybe half the time.

[Edit]Additional Suggestions: While I maintain stock medigun vs Kritzkrieg is a style choice, many on the internets argue that you should always choose Kritz, if for no other reason than the tank levels. They also had a suggestion on play style: “it’s best to heal the pyro during the early stages until he gets his resistances up, and then heal heavy so he can do crowd control without having to move around (especially on the giant soldier stages).”

Verdict: Great fun, pretty fool-proof. While I think a Medic is part of a balanced team, though, I don’t think he’s necessary. For him to work, you need to be on a team with players who can do enough damage to make up for the damage you’re not doing; but by making them invulnerable and dealing crits, you can be pretty amazing. It’s a good feeling.

This is one in a series of Team Fortress 2 Survival Guides for the Mann vs Machine mode – I’m doing one for each class, and the previous classes are below.