Mann vs Machine Survival Guide: Roundup

And so ends my Team Fortress 2 Mann vs Machine Survival Guide! Here’s a quick roundup of what I’ve learned:

  1. I didn’t make it clear enough that this guide is supposed to give you my experience as a starting point – I’m not vouching for these loadouts as the best ever. They’re just what I’ve enjoyed playing.
  2. People take this game too seriously – just play and have fun. I promise, the world won’t end if you lose.
  3. The internets can be unnecessarily judgemental over trivial things (like hats)
  4. Other people know more than me about TF2

In light of that last point, I’ve gone through the previous posts and added any information that people gave me that I thought relevant and useful. Now you have my experience and even other people’s reactions to my loadouts – hopefully this means you have a good launching point from which you can really start to kick some ass.

Go get ‘em, tiger.