Mann vs Machine Survival Guide: Scout


Name: Unknown (responds to “Big Deal”)
Job: Rapid Recovery (and hurting people)
Role: Offense
Play If Your Team Has: Good defense
Best With: Engineers with sentries
My Canteen: Critical Hit Boost
My Loadout: Force-A-Nature, Bonk!, Fan O’War

Strategy: Obviously, the scout is fast. Really fast. Most classes have a respawn delay that they can skip by paying extra money; the scout just spawns. Also, the range at which they can collect money is higher than the rest of the classes. These two things combined make the scout an ideal irritation machine – run in, smack around a few robots, try to collect all the money, get killed and do it all again. I really like playing scout, mostly because I don’t play him well. I’m just frivolous. I take the “Projectile Penetration” upgrade and then basically waste the rest of my money on making myself run faster, jump higher, and generally be more annoying. This is helpful, though, against the occasional robot who sneaks past our defenses and annoys back at base, or at the scout who nobody else can catch up to.

Loadout Strategy: I like the Force-A-Nature because of the knockback – this is good for last-ditch efforts to throw the bomb-carrier into a hole. Bonk! is great for distracting bad guys without taking damage – it means you take no damage, but can do no damage. The big thing is that you can run through a crowded battlefield picking up money, and hopefully taking aggro from the robots so your allies can safely shell out the damage. I took the Fan O’ War because it “marks someone for death” – namely, anyone who hits the target will deal minicrits.

[Edit]Additional Suggestions: A redditor suggests instead of the Fan, taking The Sandman and giving it the “Ball Marks Target” upgrade, which means if you hit them with the Sandman’s ball, it’s the same as hitting them with the Fan O’ War. Then you get the benefits of the Fan while still doing regular melee damage. Also suggested are the Soda Popper for primary and Mad Milk with the slowdown upgrade – if you’re worried about collecting money, they recommend using the uber canteen.

Verdict: Another class that’s easy to start and hard to master, but that’s still great fun in the learning process. Going ridiculously fast is exhilarating, and somehow it encourages the Scout’s irritating and arrogant attitude – because let’s face it. I’m kind of a big deal.

This is one in a series of Team Fortress 2 Survival Guides for the Mann vs Machine mode – I’m doing one for each class, and the previous classes are below.