Mann vs Machine Survival Guide: Sniper


Name: Mr. Mundy
Job: Sniper (It’s a good job)
Role: Support
Play If Your Team Has: An engineer and 2+ high damage-dealing classes
Best With: People on the frontlines to distract the robots
My Canteen: Critical Hit Boost
My Loadout: Stock sniper rifle, Jarate, Shahanshah

Strategy: Set yourself up above-ground at the front line, hopefully looking down the path that they robots will come down. Even better if you have some cover to duck behind occasionally and some metal nearby for when you need to refill your ammo.

First, I took “Explosive Headshot”: you shoot someone in the head, shrapnel explodes out and nearby robots are damaged and start to bleed. This is amazing when you have one of those super big, super slow robots surrounded by fields of scouts. Let the other teammates deal with the little guys; you deal with the big one. They’ll take multiple headshots to kill, but each headshot is doing huge damage to it and splash damage to the little guys surrounding it. Next up is “Projectile Penetration.” There are always lots of robots, all swarming around each other – so if your bullet hits multiple at once? Good. If all their heads are lined up nicely, so you can get multiple headshots? Excellent.

Pair those up with “Faster Charge” and “Faster Reload,” it means you’re basically firing constantly, doing full damage each time, and doing splash damage to everyone. Let’s face it: sniping’s a good job, mate.

Loadout Strategy: Not a lot of trickiness here. The gun shoots, the jar grants minicrits, and the sword hits. I should be using the Machina as a primary, but I’m just more used to the stock rifle.
You can upgrade the Jarate so that it slows enemies down, and that can be super helpful (especially with those waves of pyros – you coat them all, and your pyro friend on the ground can take them all out). The sword is a last resort for me, so picking one that’ll do more damage when I’m hurt is the logical choice.

[Edit]Additional Suggestions: I find that the internets tend to hate the sniper, and dislike my loadout – however, this seems to be based on the fact they can’t consistently get headshots. That being said, if you want your sniper to take more of a support role than my build here, the internets recommend focusing on the Jarate-based abilities. By using the Sidney Sleeper, every charged shot coats the enemy in jarate (so more mini-crits for your allies), at the sacrifice of being unable to do headshot damage. For the “piss warrior” loadout, they also suggest the Bushwacka because that knife crits when it should mini-crit – so it’s ideal if you’re surrounded by jarate’d enemies.

Verdict: This is my favourite class, and this mode makes me feel freaking amazing. The scariest robots are huge and slow – they’re begging for some headshots. This would actually be a pretty good mode in which to practice sniping; but keep in mind that this is a support class, so I wouldn’t recommend a team of snipers. That would just be silly. All it takes is one who knows what they’re doing.


This is one in a series of Team Fortress 2 Survival Guides for the Mann vs Machine mode – I’m doing one for each class, and the previous classes are below.