Mann vs Machine Survival Guide: Demoman


Name: Tavish DeGroot
Job: House Cleaning
Role: Defense
Play If Your Team Has: Plenty of damage dealers
Best With: A heavy to distract while you back up to reload
My Canteen: Critical Hit Boost
My Loadout: Stock Grenade Launcher, Scottish Resistance, Scotsman’s Skullcutter

Strategy: With the demo, you cleverly place the sticky bombs at the beginning of the round and lob grenades into the fray. When the moment is right, you’ll detonate, and from there you can either lob stickies into the crowd or try for another tactical placement. One thing to note: if you use your Crit canteen, then all the stickies you place will be critical hits when they explode – so you can use your canteen before the round starts to put out a bunch of crit stickies. Also, keep in mind that your grenades and stickies are explosions, and as such will knock back enemies. This means you can get clever with knocking the bomb off-course, or into the bottomless pits that reset the bomb to the beginning. The Demoman is listed as a defensive class, and I find it can be supremely powerful if used as such.

Loadout Strategy: There is a definite trend right now making the Demoman into a knight with swords rather than explosives, but I think that’s a little silly with hordes of robots. You need the splash damage, so I stuck with the stock grenade launcher. I like the Scottish Resistance for the flexibility – I can distribute the stickies as traps and trigger them separately from each other. As for the Scottsman Skullcutter, I usually only pull out my melee if I’m out of ammo and the situation is dire. That’s why the extra damage is good and the decreased movement isn’t terribly important; I can stand on top of the bomb dropoff fending off robots until more of my teammates arrive.

Verdict: I’m not a terribly good Demoman, so I’m inclined to think he’s a little harder to master. That being said, he’s really flexible and can happily encourage a couple of different play styles, so I think you should give him a try. Besides – it’s great to set up a line of crit stickies and just wait for the robots to cross the line. Come and get me!

This is one in a series of Team Fortress 2 Survival Guides for the Mann vs Machine mode – I’m doing one for each class, and the previous classes are below.