Mann vs Machine Survival Guide: Heavy


Name: Unknown (refers to self as “Heavy Weapons Guy”)
Job: Mow Down
Role: Defense
Play If Your Team Has: Other Players
Best With: Engineer or Medic
My Canteen: Übercharge
My Loadout: Brass Beast, Buffalo Steak Sandvich, Warrior’s Spirit

Strategy: First, find the robot’s approach path. Then find a place where you can see the robot’s entrance and fire down their approach in a straight line, hopefully with ammunition nearby (ideally you can get an Engineer to put down a dispenser). Don’t get too close to the front, though – this means you become a target too soon and don’t have a chance to take out the robots before they get to you. Once you have that spot, you’re set – and when the robots come, fire wildly down that corridor. Keep in mind that the minigun’s accuracy isn’t great, so the more robots in the oncoming crowd means that even stray bullets will hit something – and that’s ideal. Even better is if you get the “Projectile Penetration” upgrade – then even one bullet can hit multiple targets. In waves with Soldiers or Demomen, the “Destroy Projectiles” can save you a lot of damage because you get to take down rockets before they even get to you.

Loadout Strategy: With the Brass Beast, I choose damage over mobility and essentially become a turret. In this case ammo becomes a problem, so be very conscious of that (either know where the ammo deposits and dispensers are, or take extra ammo powerups). I like the Warrior’s Spirit because I do more damage, and I’m a fan of doing lots of damage. The -20 max health I try to negate with my Engie’s dispenser or a Medic buddy. I never use the Steak Sandvich, really, but I have it equipped to take advantage of the Hibernating Bear set bonus: +5% crit resistance. It could be very useful against the tanks, though, so it’s worth considering.

[Edit]Additional Suggestions: I suggest using the Warrior’s Spirit because it gives me the set bonus – however, some people disagree. I assume this is because they don’t think the 5% crit resistance is worth the -20 max health on the heavy: either way, this is something you should take into account when picking your melee.

Verdict: This is another great starting class, because it’s pretty simple: shoot the robots. You’re big, you have plenty of hit points, and often Medics or Engineers will cater to you – so all you need to do is sit by the dispenser, mow down anyone who tries to get close, and laugh the whole time.


This is one in a series of Team Fortress 2 Survival Guides for the Mann vs Machine mode – I’m doing one for each class, and the previous classes are below.

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