Mann vs Machine Survival Guide: Spy


Name: Unknown
Job: Uncloak & Dagger
Role: Support
Play If Your Team Has: An engineer and 2+ high damage-dealing classes
Best With: Cannon fodder to distract while you stab
My Canteen: Critical Hit Boost
My Loadout: The Ambassador, The Cloak and Dagger, The Spy-Cicle

[Edit] My loadout is bad, and you should read this instead.

[Edit] To be honest, Spy isn’t my best class (as has now been pointed out to me numerous times). Among all the rather disparaging comments, however, one person actually took the time to do a writeup of their own.
I’d suggest reading it instead.

However, if you acknowledge that this isn’t a how-to-succeed but rather is based on my own experience at low levels of MvM, feel free to read on.

Strategy: Upgrade your sapper as soon as you can. One sapper can sap multiple robots at a time, so you can shut down a huge number of robots leaving them open to backstabbing or your teammates’ damage. When those damn medics come out, one sapper should take care of them all. The sapper won’t stop a giant robot, but it will definitely slow them down; that’s really useful with those damn super-fast giant scouts. Past that I took armor penetration – you can’t straight-up backstab a giant robot unless you’ve upgraded your knife, and even then they need to have taken some damage. Armor Penetration means you can backstab them when they have less damage. With those upgrades, I’d focus on slowing down the giant robots and shooting them until they’re low enough health to backstab.

Loadout Strategy: I love the ambassador; critting on headshots is right up my alley. It’s helpful against big slow robots that you’re trying to get low enough health to backstab. The Cloak and Dagger is perfect for sitting and waiting until the giant scout shows up; having the Cloak recharge while you stand still is invaluable for my play style. Lastly, I just like the spy-cicle. It’s probably more useful in PvP, but again, if I’m waiting for a giant robot and a wave of pyros shows up, I’ll likely be okay. I tend to keep the Crit Canteen on-hand because otherwise, the spy can do very little against a wave of tanks.

Verdict: I’m not a good enough spy to be useful on the higher levels, but I really enjoy playing nonetheless; and it’s super rewarding to sap a wave of robots at a time and then backstabbing all of them.


This is one in a series of Team Fortress 2 Survival Guides for the Mann vs Machine mode – I’m doing one for each class, and the previous classes are below.