MissingNo is an Awesome VG Cover Jazz Band

I’ve always liked jazz. I went through a phase in childhood where I didn’t listen to anything newer than Sinatra, and where I could sing you every Gershwin song without missing a word. While I’ve moved out of that phase and branched out with my musical tastes, I still love jazz. That’s why I love MissingNo so much – they take video game themes and jazz them up.

MissingNo is a relatively small jazz band in Vancouver, BC made up of music students and alums. They’re not big yet – they don’t even have their own website – but I hope they soon will be. Honestly, their selection of recordings (YouTube clips of live performances) leave me wanting more.

However, we can easily get an idea of what they’re up to. Take a look at the clip after the break.

First, “Song of Storms” is my favourite song from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I don’t know what MissingNo’s selection process is for picking new songs to jazzify, but I love the songs they pick (I mean, Dire Dire Docks from Super Mario 64? Genius).

Second, they’re still true to jazz. They aren’t just covering the songs by arranging them for different instruments and playing as-is – they’re using the song as a foundation, making it the recurring theme, and then playing with it. This isn’t smooth jazz VG covers, it’s live improv, and that makes MissingNo’s pieces unique among the jazz covers that I’ve heard.

I love their stuff, am excited for their progress: this Sunday (the 20th) they’ll be releasing an EP, and I look forward to hearing what they’re like when recorded and edited. Until then, however, I’m happy looping through their YouTube channel and grooving along.