Nintendo, Please Don’t Mess Up Your Most Important Press Conference Of The Year

Nintendo, sit down and have a drink. A strong one. We need to talk.

It has never been more important that you knock it out of the park for any press event than it is tomorrow. I don’t mean to come down hard on you like some of your other friends or scare you that things could go grim in the next couple of years thanks to Apple’s quickly growing dominance over mobile games and the world’s disenchantment with casual console gaming, but it’s the truth.

I know things have been tough lately seeing the rise of iPhones and iPads cut deeply into markets formerly synonymous with Nintendo. Reporting your first ever operating loss definitely wounded your pride, and everyone can see it. And then a less than stellar showing at E3 left everyone with more questions about the Wii U than consumers are comfortable with.

You can work through this, though. Despite those bumps in 2012, the stage has been laid out for a big comeback to silence the doubters and prove your titanic strength once more. Sony’s Vita still hasn’t found anything resembling a footing while the 3DS has finally hit a series of fantastic games to match the lowered price point.

And let’s not forget that your real handheld competitor, Apple, just got through what may go down in history as their most unexciting iPhone press conference in history. Rather than dazzle the crowd with some fancy new features or pants-wetting redesign, they upped the specs and rendered everyone’s connecting accessories worthless with their new lightning port. Lots of people aren’t happy.

That means if you do something amazing tomorrow, all minds will be on your product and wallets everywhere will open to pour life into your veins again.

It honestly wouldn’t take a whole lot. A decent price point and solid list of launch ready games will go a long way towards proving The Big N still holds the throne, but we’re expecting that. Drop our jaws with something unexpected and millions will jump onboard again, even if only to see how it turns out.

Of course, if you mess it up, you miss what is mostly likely your only winter season with no next-gen competition in the arena fighting it out for those always valuable holiday dollars. Next year, all bets are off when Microsoft and Sony unveil their new projects. And don’t forget that Sony seems to finally have their issues sorted out to start pushing out the kind of games and applications that can really make the Vita move off shelves in the coming months.

But that’s a future you have to deal with regardless, so don’t be discouraged. The better you do now, the easier all those issues will be to deal with.

So Nintendo, please, please actually try tomorrow. People love you and want you to succeed, but only if you can show that you can handle it. You need to help us help you.

  • Vampiric

    Seriously, enough, nintendo will do just fine

    E3 was fine too but of course trolling derails everything

    Whats this with apple? havent effected the 3ds much, still selling very well in this economy

  • Ninfail

    They will fail… And as for apple they had their connector for nearly a decade please show us how many console iterations Nintendo has done keeping the same connectors or adapters and in addition apple offering adapters to allow existing accessories the ability to still work.

    No one wants mobile gaming devices that are narrowly useful we are advancing and so should Nintendo