Some Advice For Playing Super Hexagon

1. You will die.

Accept this. Life is fleeting and, no matter what, it will end. It will end quickly, brutally, and most of the time you won’t see it coming.

Sometimes it will seem completely unfair, and often it actually will be. Other times you’ll know exactly what you did wrong. How it happens isn’t as important as the simple fact that it will happen.

Now that you know that death is on the horizon, don’t be afraid of it. Death is a part of the process, so recognize it, learn from it, and keep going.

But most of all, don’t be mad at it. You aren’t mad at the sun rising in the morning or the tide coming in, and those are both as inevitable as death is.

2. You will get better at it.

Everything is overwhelming at first. A bright flash of light, loud noises, and then it’s all over.

But the next time? You last a little bit longer.

Then a little longer.

Your body will get used to it, you’ll start doing things you would never have thought you were capable of, and eventually you’ll laugh whenever you think about how terrible you used to be.

Then you’ll die.

3. Take breaks.

Super Hexagon doesn’t follow a perfect slope. Sometimes you’ll find yourself stuck in a valley, unable to escape your own terrible momentum, spiraling deeper and deeper with each attempt.

Stop the game.

Go do something else for a while. Read a book, take a walk, have poignant thoughts in front of a window on a rainy day while you nurse a glass of whisky.

Just whatever you do, stop playing the game.

Then come back to it, refreshed.

4. Recognize patterns.

Nothing is unique after the first time, so remember this. Notice what you get stuck on, which patterns you slam into time and time again, then try new things.

Juke left instead of right. Spin around in a full circle. Try staying perfectly still.

Remember though, it’s just one thing stopping you. Identify it, attack it, and defeat it.

5. Practice.

Your body is made of muscles controlled by your mind, muscles that need to be flexed and kept limber.

If you can’t lift the heaviest weight, take a moment and lift some lighter ones.

Don’t be afraid to do something easier to get your rhythm back, to remind your body and mind what it’s like to do what needs to be done.

Then, get back to it and remember, everything is practice.

Jason has spent over 12 hours playing Super Hexagon and is currently experiencing nightmares where Jenn Frank is his high school Geometry teacher.