Master Chief Radio: lol

Last night, I sat down to play some Magic with my roommates. When playing board/card games, we like to have music on in the background, so we usually set the XBox to streaming some radio. Tonight’s app was iHeart Radio, and I found a station that amused me.*
Master Chief Radio: Music to play Halo 4 by, a 343i mix.
Intrigued, I put it on, and now am seriously amused. Put together by 343 Industries (the studio creating Halo 4), this playlist was “handpicked by the 343 Industries team and our programmers. The station… is representative of the music that inspired the 343 industries development team’s work on ‘Halo 4’,” according to iHeart Radio.

So basically, this is work music and inspiration for people at 343, and I think it’s genius. On its own, it’s kinda tough to listen to – I mean, there’s no coherent theme to the list, and sometimes its genre jumps are a little jarring. That being said, it was supposedly made by a bunch of different people, and I think that is awesome.

When I first started listening, it played a ton of rap, and so I was all set to write about the playlist and what it says about their stereotypical demographic (Halo’s Multiplayer, in particular). Then I listened more and the playlist branched out, including music more my style.

Over the couple of hours I listened, I’d say a third is rap/hip-hop, a third is techno, and then the last third is a grab bag of rock, soundtracks, and more.

I’m afraid this playlist doesn’t tell me anything intriguing about 343 (aside from the fact that they have a clever marketing team) – this is a playlist supposedly made by a bunch of different people reflecting a bunch of different musical tastes, as you’d find in just about any office. That being said, I love that this playlist exists.

*Note: iHeart Radio is only available to stream online if you’re in the States, and it’s available through an app on your XBox. I don’t know if that app is limited to North America (I’m in Canada), but basically you may not be able to listen to this playlist. If that’s the case, I’m sorry; but at least you can see the last three songs played online; so if you really want, you can follow along manually. Again, I’m sorry if you can’t listen; don’t even get me started on international copyright laws and region encryption.