A Day In Project Zomboid

project zomboid

The following is my first day playing Project Zomboid, a survival simulator game that takes place during a zombie apocalypse. It is currently in Alpha stage, with new features being added every update.

Day 2:

It is the second day since all hell broke loose. Yesterday I found an abandoned house, and decided to sleep there. I woke up hungry today. Very hungry.

I did not have a chance to explore the house before crashing onto the couch the night previous. So I decided to search the place for any materials. Cabinets in the kitchen led to the discovery of canned beans. I hated canned beans. However, even if I loved them, I wouldn’t be able to access them without a can opener, of which there was none. I decided to keep the cans anyhow.

In the fridge I found apples, cake, chicken, and salmon, as well as a hammer, which would make for a good weapon until I could find something better. Up to that point I had been defenseless. It seemed as if the family that was here before forgot to stock up before leaving. Or maybe they turned before they knew what was going on…

I attempted to shake those dark thoughts out of my head, and trekked upstairs for more supplies. There, I took a few sheets and tore them up, so they could be used as bandages.

There was nothing else of note in the house, besides a few painkillers I found in the bathroom. I recognized that the food I had in my pack would not be enough to sustain me for a long period of time. So I decided to leave the house. There was a supermarket across town. I knew, were I quick enough, I could make a run-through and back with daylight to spare.

If only things were so easy.

I used the house’s back door, and crept around the corner, looking across the street. At day, They were more dormant than usual. As of now, the neighborhood was quiet.

I sprinted across the street, quieting as I hid behind the next building. This I did for about two hours, darting from house to house, and, to my surprise, seeing no one else along the way. Not even another human. Eventually, I neared the supermarket.

I slowly opened the door, and made my way inside, crouching as I did so. It was then that I saw two of Them. They were shambling about, scuffed, ripped clothes clinging to their rotten flesh. They had not seen me yet. I snuck behind one, and swung my hammer into its skull. It fell over.

Unfortunately, this attracted the attention of the Other, who quickly made a grab for me. I stumbled backwards, but the Thing had already taken a swipe at me, giving me a scratch. I gasped, but quickly retaliated, and with two swings, I mashed its skull in as well.

The threat seemed to have passed. The rest of the supermarket was empty of Them. I thanked my foresight in ripping up those sheets, and wrapped them about my wound, stemming the bleeding. I popped a painkiller, and began rummaging through the supermarket.

I had hit the jackpot. Bags upon bags of nonperishable food lay strewn across the market’s floor, from chips, to instant ramen, to soda, and more. I took as much as I could carry, and stuffed it into my pack. I had to be sure that I had enough to last me a while, without carrying too heavy of a load. It would make it difficult to run in case of danger.

Mission accomplished, I strode to the exit of the supermarket and swung the door open.

A herd of Them were only a few feet away. There had to be at least 100 on the street, with more surrounding the buildings nearby.

I jumped with a start, and my pulse immediately quickened. Luckily they hadn’t noticed me yet. If I could just *slowly* close the door, I could take the opposite door and sneak out…

As soon as this thought occurred to me, I noticed movement to my left, near the window that led to the alleyway. It was a man. He was wearing an orange sweatshirt, and didn’t seem to have noticed the swarm of Them around the corner. He looked at me, attempting to get my attention. I simply stared at him. If I spoke, I was sure the crowd of Them outside would be upon me in seconds.

The man shouted. “Hey, Stranger! Wanna partner up?”

That did it.

With a cacophony of growls, the Things saw the two of us. They began shambling towards us.

I screamed. “Run!” And then I was gone, out the opposite door. I sprinted as fast as I could, but in a moment of misjudgment, checked to see if Orange-Sweatshirt was behind me.

He wasn’t.

He didn’t move fast enough. He was fighting three of Them, with only a hammer. The stranger was able to kill two, before he was quickly overwhelmed.

As soon as a bite entered his skin, I knew I couldn’t do anything. Not that I would have. As of that moment, I was dead, and he was the cause. I turned away and sprinted, as the man in the orange sweatshirt was devoured.

I continued to run as fast as I could, taking as many crisscrossing turns as possible to throw them off the trail. I didn’t know how perceptive They were, so I didn’t know how long they would follow me before losing sight. I wasn’t about to find out. And I was almost positive that they were relentless. I only stopped to drink my bottle of water – my only bottle of water, and a precious resource – and continued to run. I ran until dusk fell. By then, I had found myself in another suburban neighborhood.

I picked a random house, a single floor with all of its lights off, and headed towards it. It was always dangerous entering a new home, but I decided that this was worth the risk. It was either this, or be devoured.

I tried the front door. It was locked. I went along the back. That door was locked as well. Cursing, I took out my hammer and slammed it against the nearest window. With two hard blows, it shattered. Worried about the noise, I jumped inside, making a note to bar the window later when I had the chance.

Too tired to make sure the area was safe, I collapsed into the nearest chair, and rummaged through my pack for something to eat. To my dismay, I realized that the salmon and chicken I had carried with me had gotten rotten staying out of the refrigerator for too long. Disgusted, I threw them to the floor and nibbled on an apple instead.

That is where this day ends. With this entry over, I must do what I can to rest through the night.

Tomorrow, I look for water.