Horn O’ Plenty–Tons Of Upcoming Releases


I don’t write too many “response” pieces, because normally I get too bent out of shape about the ego-driven prattle and misinformation so often passed as fact.

Yet here we are! I’ve just endured a third instance this week where someone bemoans the fact that “there are no games coming out until Titanfall.” That’s four freaking months away! There are variations on a theme, but for people to say that while others pipe up in agreement is a disrespectful punch in the face to all of the developers who are working hard to release games in the interim.

So instead of issuing threats, I’m going to take the high road—I’m simply going to recognize that naivete, and tell you all about a few of the amazing games you can look forward to!


Point-and-click adventure fans are in for a treat when Gomo comes out on December 6th. Their Twitter account is pretty quiet, but developer Fishcow Studio has been tearing away at the hand-drawn title, and it’s finally going to see the light of day thanks to Daedalic Entertainment, who will publish the game to PC.


MoaCube made the lovely visual novel Cinders, and they’re about to unleash Solstice on the world (no seriously, it should be any day now!). It’s another visual novel, but this time the story is a mystery, and watching the characters develop reveals complexities other narratives are afraid to tackle.


A previous version of this article mentioned that “all present signs point to the release of the Starbound beta in the near future.” Little did I know that this week they would announce the beta for December 4th! The excitement is palpable on the game’s development blog, and it will be lovely to finally play this long-awaited gem.


Everyone who owns a 3DS was creaming their pants earlier in the year over Steamworld Dig, and PC players will finally get to share the experience when the game releases on Steam December 5th. The “metroidvania” game surprised many, and will look to do the same on bigger screens as well.

Early next year, we get treats like Banner Saga (January 14th), and games like Lumino City and Witchmarsh have to come out sometime, right!?


Also, there were a few great games got released during the insanity of the console launches, too.


Lunacity is a short—but sweet and inspired—role-playing-cum-adventure game released for free on GameJolt. Its battle mechanics and futuristic setting alone make it worth your time, and perhaps with more eyes on this game, we’ll increase our chances of getting more time in this world (if you catch my drift).


A unique offering has shown up on iOS, too. The Rivers of Alice is an adventure game with an extraordinarily eye-catching hand-drawn quality to it. Navigation and light puzzles are all of the variety you’d expect on an iOS adventure game, but again, if you’re looking for a game with a different presentation style it will be difficult to pass this up.


A new role-playing game inspired by traditional tabletop elements has appeared online. Conclave combines unique character “cards” and story elements to create its world, and while some players will find it lacking in action and/or more hardcore role-playing elements, the branching decision trees have some heft to them. And there’s no price of admission—the game is free (up to a point), so players with a passing interest should give this 2014 IGF entrant a shot.

 Just because the over-hyped “personalities” of the industry don’t recognize that there are hundreds of developers working on games that aren’t Titanfall doesn’t mean you have to be in the dark, too. Stick with people who know better—stick with us, and follow this Twitter list of people in-the-know. It’s a list comprised of developers, journalists, and outlets that cater to games of this ilk, updating all the time!