indiE3 To Highlight Indies Around E3


Every year the death knell of the Electronic Entertainment Exposition (more commonly known as E3) sounds louder and louder, seemingly proportional to the focus on independent games outside of the traditional spotlights. The last few years have seen some attempts to focus on this smaller, increasingly prolific community of indie developers, such as HORIZON, which last year highlighted games like Hohokum, Kachina, Tearaway, and Broken Age.

It’s happening again concurrent with the 2014 E3 conference (though it hasn’t been nearly as publicized as last year), but another more grassroots affair is taking shape that could potentially feature hundreds of games and game makers: indiE3.

Organized by TJ Thomas, the event will be conducted online, and according to the indiE3 tumblr will feature the following: “…we’ll have various live panels (we’ve received support from Indie Haven and The Spawn Point), ranging from indie game coverage, design manifestos, to round-table discussions and lightning talks submitted to indiE3 and seen live only at”

Also featured will be announcements, trailers, and interviews with developers.

Now, this gathering was conceived on June 5th, literally just days away from E3 proper, so set your expectations accordingly. There is little to no curation, the schedule will be haphazard at best, and the talks will likely be fifteen kinds of awkward at a webcam (expect lots of “ums”). BUT… it’s an idea that shows extraordinary potential, and many people from all walks of life–who are key to support in this burgeoning scene–will potentially have an audience they ordinarily wouldn’t. And, we’re sure to see some games that will truly show the ingenuity of the community.

Dates are tentatively set for most of the happenings, and don’t worry–there will be a game jam (because you can’t fart anymore without knocking one of those over). Since the project’s inception there have already been dozens of contributions announced, so make sure to check in on the indE3 page for all the details, including details on how you could contribute.