Pixels Or Death Game Jam: Critics Put Up Or Shut Up


A few of the individuals behind Pixels or Death are having our own game jam, wherein, over the course of a weekend, will make our own games.

We suspect that your first question is, “Why!?” You mean, why on earth would a group of passionate individuals commit their free time to (hopefully) bring something of value into the world?

First of all, it’s a fun idea. It’s so fun that we’re willing to risk abject failure for the miniscule chance that something amazing might come out of this.

Second, we’re game critics. We write about games as sort of our “thing,” and we thought hosting and participating in a game jam would be an invaluable experience. If we were willing to get our hands dirty, so to speak, it might give us some insight into the craft on which we so laboriously pontificate.

Third, not a lot of other game press sites do anything like this. Like, as far as we can tell, none of them ever have. (That’s less of a “shots fired” than it is a simple point of rumination, if you will.)

As critics, can we collectively achieve a level of perspicuity hereto unknown? Would our failure be just as valuable in said mission? Help us vote on a theme, then follow along as we document the efforts to put our lack of skills to the test. We’ll assimilate all the digital goodness and publicly humiliate ourselves by letting everyone in on the results.

Again, go vote–and help us be the fools we know we can be.