swtor delay looking likely, absolutely nobody surprised

tired of waiting for this game, i am, and 900 years old have i reached!

It looks like fans of BioWare’s “upcoming” release Star Wars: The Old Republic may have to wait even longer to finally get their Wookiee paws on the game.

In spite of the fact that BioWare and EA opened up the game to preorders (unless you live in Australia, that is), they’ve not indicated any information as to a release date outside of “Holiday 2011″.  With 2011 drawing to a close, and no information on a more concrete date having been released, leaked, hinted at, implied, or otherwise communicated to the general public skepticism as to whether this game will actually see store shelves this year has been rampant, and BioWare’s recent suspension of their planned September “beta weekends” has only fueled the fires of fan indignation.

A recent press release from EA’s CFO Eric Brown only exacerbated our fears, when he said that while there is an “internal release date” set (whatever the hell that is), “EA’s fiscal guidance takes into account a possible slip into first calendar quarter of 2012.”  Presumably, then, we’ll be able to buy this game for Christmas, 2013.

Although, considering this game has been in development for years (with an early projected release date of Summer 2009,) what’s a few more months, right?

Source: TentonHammer.com

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