LOST EPISODES: “PODcast 24 – Hot and Steamy”

Do you feel that? A yearning deep within your soul? Like a child spending his summer with a broken leg, you long for adventure. You suffer from an unsettling malaise brought on by the drudgery of your day-to-day life. As though posing for a late-nineties alternative album cover, you stare off into a distant sunset and wonder, “Why can’t I go there?”

Well, my friend, your journey starts now. Let this Pixels or Death Cast be the firm rock from which you take your first step. Grab some earbuds. Here we go. 

In this episode:

Dated nearly six months ago, this “Lost Episode” tackles the rumors of the Steam Box, a Valve developed console. The hosts decide whether it will be worth the supposedly high price tag and debate the targeted audience of such a machine. Then, everyone lists off the most exemplary “hybrid-genre” games.


Tim HsuPatrick LindseyTyler HackSean McGeadyHenry McMunn, Chris Leddy

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