LOST EPISODES: “PODcast 26 – Pixels or Death Land”

In this episode:

First, Mike let’s everyone know why the Smithsonian’s “The Art of Video Games” exhibit was a big letdown to gaming culture. Then, the crew tries to create a Kickstarter for Pixels or Death Land, our video game based theme park. We work out all of the different attractions, lawsuits, and mindless consumerism that POD Land will feature!


Tim HsuPatrick Lindsey, Mike Potts, Joseph Rush

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  • Steadi

    Awesome :D

  • CMelissinos

    Hey guys! Thanks for the review of the exhibition and glad you enjoyed your time at GameFest. However, there are many points that I can clear up for you that seem to have been overlooked or mis-interpreted. For example, Halo 2600 is actually a real game. It was a de-make done by Ed Fries and Mike Mika and the carts were sold in limited numbers. Also, the discussion about the art of the games in the final room were described in the videos. The book is an expanded dialog on the materials contained in the exhibition videos.

    Happy to discuss further with you if you like. I can be reached at contact@pastpixels.com

    Thanks guys!

    Chris Melissinos
    Guest Curator – The Art of Video Games