Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Platinum Trophy Guide


Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is unique among visual novels in that its platinum trophy doesn’t require an egregious amount of replays thanks to countless branching pathways and numerous endings. From start to finish it’s a largely linear affair, even if its plot goes down some unexpectedly dark back alleys on the way to conclusion.

Note: There’s one major Chapter 2 spoiler in this guide and one very minor Chapter 5 spoiler. Read at your own risk.

Most of your playtime will come with the Vita-exclusive post-game ‘School Mode,’ which removes the murderous overtones of the main campaign and replaces them with a management sim-lite mechanic. Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy to play while catching up on TV.

Overall, it took me about 30 hours to complete the platinum trophy, but that included a bit of time to record necessary information as I went and puzzle out how the ‘School Mode’ endings worked, so you might be able to do it in 25.

The hidden trophies include the seven campaign clear trophies and two trophies relating to the post-game School Mode: School’s Out For Summer – Cleared School Mode once & School’s Out Forever – Saw every possible School Mode ending.

Trophy Specific Guides -

Seriously You Shouldn’t Have

Mr. Know-It-All

Rogue’s Gallery

Hidden School Mode Trophies – School’s Out For Summer + School’s Out Forever

School Mode Best Trip Responses

General Trophy Guide

Campaign Playthrough: Sit back and enjoy the ride. There are a few things to keep in mind here:

1) Don’t go crazy buying presents. A good rule is to only spend one coin at a time and really only focus on getting enough presents to fill out two or three character files. You’ll have plenty of time to whittle away at the school store after getting Nine Coins, Nine Purses, Nine Bears.

2) MINOR SPOILER ALERT – During the Chapter 5 Class Trial, make sure you pursue the lie when asked. This launches an alternate false ending that is necessary for Rogue’s Gallery. After you see it, it’ll drop you back into the Trial at the moment of the choice, so you won’t have to repeat the beginning.

This will unlock all the various campaign trophies. Odds are good you’ll also unlock Ooh, For Me?, Skilling ‘Em Softly, and The Color of Television.

Class Trial Trophies: Pick one of the Class Trials – Chapter 3 is a good one – and replay it. If you’re uncomfortable with the system and the answers, drop the difficulty down to Gentle, but keep in mind that eliminates White Noise, which you’ll want to be clearing for Tuned to a Dead Channel, which requires clearing 500 lines. Once you’ve completed a Class Trial once though, it should be relatively easy to power through it and get What’s a Mistrial?, Not From Concentrate, and You Must Acquit.

You may have to complete a second Class Trial to get the 500 White Noise line clears required for Tuned to a Dead Channel, but it never hurts to get some more Momocoins for that epic 999 total.


School Mode: Strap in, this is where you’ll spend most of your time. At minimum it takes about five clears of School Mode for the necessary trophies, but it can take more if you have a hard time successfully completing all the prototypes. See the School Mode Trophies for information on how to finish it and earn all the endings required for School’s Out Forever.

School Mode Playthrough 1 – Increase collection levels, work on filling out character records for Mr. Know-It-All.

School Mode Playthrough 2 – Continue increasing collection levels, finish all character records.

School Mode Playthrough 3 – Complete School Mode, earn five character endings.

School Mode Playthrough 4 – Complete School Mode, earn five character endings.

School Mode Playthrough 5 – Complete School Mode, earn final remaining character endings.

Trophy Specific Tips

Seriously, You Shouldn’t Have

While playing through the campaign, buy enough presents to successfully complete two or three character records. There are 114 in total, many of which are earned only by completing special events or endings in School Mode, so don’t stress about your overall total at the end.

Once you unlock School Mode, continue only spending one coin at a time at the machine until you’ve finished Mr. Know-It-All. Again, don’t go crazy here, you’re still shooting for 999, which is a big number. After finishing all the gift giving, settle in and sit on your coins until you get Nine Coins, Nine Purses, Nine Bears.

After you top out at 999, immediately go buyout the various galleries required for Rogue’s Gallery. They take a not-inconsequential amount of coins to unlock, so you’ll be left with around 200-300 coins. Put on a good TV show and keep at dropping single coins into the machine until you hit around 92-95% repeat rate.

At this point, you’ll probably have started actually clearing School Mode, which rewards 200 coins for each successful completion. With only a few items left from the school store, you can safely dump 95 coins in at a time to ensure that you get those last few items with ease.


Mr. Know-It-All

Filling out all the pages of each character’s report might seem daunting at first, but it’s a natural step on the path to many of the other, more difficult, trophies. Don’t stress out about it while playing through the campaign – it’s impossible to get them all during the main game – and just enjoy the ride.

After completing the main game and unlocking ‘School Mode’, spend your first go around getting accustomed to the mechanics, leveling up your stats, and filling out the rest of the pages.

The key to accomplishing it as painlessly as possible is choosing the right presents for each person, which is a bit of a crap shoot thanks to the randomness with which you get presents. For the most part, common sense rules the day, with the primary curveball being Byakuya, who has an odd sense of taste (he sure loves that Antique Radio.)

Here are the best possible gifts for each person:

Kiyotaka: Mac’s Gloves, Red Scarf, Adorable Reactions Collection, Drill Chin

Byakuya: Civet Coffee, Scarab Brooch, Golden Gun, Old Timey Radio, Crystal Skull, Golden Airplane, Prince Shotoku’s Globe, Millennium Prize Problems

Mondo: Sonic Cup-a-Noodle, Roller Slippers, Fresh Bindings, Quality Chinchilla Cover

Leon: Everlasting Bracelet, Blueberry Perfume, Jimmy Decay T-shirt, Project Zombie

Hifumi: Cola Cola, Potato Chips, Demon Angel Princess Figure, Unending Dandelion, Tips & Tips

Yasuhiro: Crystal Skull, Golden Airplane, Prince Shotoku’s Globe, Sacred Tree Sprig, Meteorite Arrowhead

Sayaka: Kitten Hairclip, Everlasting Bracelet, Love Status Ring, Rose In Vitro, Cherry Blossom Bouquet

Kyoko: Civet Coffee, Blueberry Perfume, Rose In Vitro, Cherry Blossom Bouquet, Bojobo Dolls,

Aoi: Flotation Donut, Kitten Hairclip, G-Sick, Waterlover, Astral Boy Doll

Toko: Everlasting Bracelet, Glasses, Rose In Vitro, Cherry Blossom Bouquet, Antique Doll, Maiden’s Handbag, Novelist’s Fountain Pen

Genocide Jack: Everlasting Bracelet, Maiden’s Handbag, Kokeshi Dynamo

Sakura: God of War Charm, Fresh Bindings, Rose In Vitro, Asura’s Tears, Secrets of the Omoplata

Celeste: Rose Hip Tea, Love Status Ring, Zoles Diamond, Rose Whip, Antique Doll

Junko: Ration, Kitten Hairclip, Rose In Vitro, Golden Airplane

Chihiro: Blueberry Perfume, Kirlian Camera, Unending Dandelion, Tips & Tips

Rogue’s Gallery

For this trophy, you need to spend Momocoins to unlock all entries in the Event Gallery, Movie Gallery, Art Gallery, and Music Gallery.

These will open up for purchase naturally while completing the game with three major exceptions –

Obtain present #91 – Man’s Fantasy from the store, and then replay Chapter 3 Daily Life until a new scene unlocks when Monokuma asks about everybody visiting the bath together.

During the Chapter 5 Class Trial, Pursue the lie when asked, which will play a special set of cutscenes for Kyoko’s execution before plopping you back into the trial like usual.

Obtain present #92 – Escape Button from the store, which unlocks an ever so slightly different ending in the Movie Gallery for purchase.


Hidden ‘School Mode’ Trophies  - School’s Out For Summer + School’s Out Forever

While the School’s Out For Summer trophy comes whether you complete all the prototypes or not, it’s only possible to start unlocking all character specific endings for School’s Out Forever once three conditions have been met:

1) You’ve filled out all the character reports and earned the Mr. Know-It-All trophy

2) You’ve earned maximum affection with the character by visiting them using Trip Tickets during Free Time

3) You complete all the prototypes, including the final one: Usami, which triggers the ‘School Mode’ ending sequence

Actually beating ‘School Mode’ is a combination of attrition and planning. It features a New Game+ mode, which carries over the various levels of your squad, so even if it seems impossible at first, subsequent playthroughs become easier and easier. Here are a few pieces of advice to keep in mind:

-          You’ll need 50 Paint to build the final prototype, so don’t be afraid to have people constantly hit the Art Room and Garden for the necessary supplies.

-          If somebody is at Red HP, send them to the Garden, Gym, or Music Room. The Data Center can be safely ignored for the most part.

-          Early on, the safest option is to have three dedicated cleaners, but as they level up you can get away with two and a swing person if you get behind.

Don’t be worried if you can’t finish it your first few attempts, it can take a bit of practice to learn how to anticipate what’s coming next. Keep at it and use your Free Time to fill out the final character reports. You can also hit the Triangle button to bring up a list of characters for easy teleportation purposes.

Once you’ve earned Mr. Know-It-All, it’s time to start currying favor with the various survivors you’re cooped up with by taking them on trips around the school using the Trip Tickets that Momokuma doles out for completing prototypes. As long as you complete every prototype, there’s one for each day, including the holidays that come every seven days. The last two days, Day 49 and 50, both count as holidays as well, so you get an extra four chances at the very end to clean up.

When you take a character on a trip, you’re given a choice of rooms. Depending on the room you choose, you’re randomly assigned one of three possible events. The amount of affection you earn is based on which option you choose, varying from very high to nil. Some characters have locations where all three options have very high answers, while some morose bastards only have two possible very high answers. Additionally, you might encounter them lost in thought, which opens up a NONSTOP DEBATE-esque event where you have to either affirm or negate their deepest innermost thoughts.

If you don’t waste time and answer correctly everytime, it’s possible to max out the affection of five characters per ‘School Mode’ clear, which means it takes around 3 full clears to earn the School’s Out Forever trophy.

Once you max out affection with a character, assuming you complete the final Usami prototype, you’ll have a chance to speak with them before leaving Hope’s Peak. There will be one final dialogue choice before they leave you with a very special present.

Here are all the best possible responses for each character. I haven’t listed every possible response for every possible zone, but instead just focused on the topmost ones, because you’ll probably stop giving a damn about whatever nonsense Genocide Jack is spouting after your tenth date with her (it?)


School Mode Best Trip Responses

Character Name

NONSTOP DEBATE – Affirmation / Negation -> Phrase to shoot

Ending – Multiple choice response during ending sequence

Location – Response / Response / Response


ND – Affirmation -> Is it fair of me

Ending – Keep trying and the world will reward you!

Garden – Wanna walk around a bit? / We can’t eat these chickens… / Look at those chickens!

Byakuya – No triple ‘very high’ locations

ND – Affirmation -> he and I live in different worlds.

Ending – I’m just another normal person…

Dining Hall – Want something to drink? / What are you into these days? / What should we talk about?

School Store – That’s a pretty cute doll… / I remember those toy vending machines! / I want this awesome armor!

Library – I love reading! / Just reading casually isn’t enough, is it? / Wanna go check out that back room?

Mondo – No triple ‘very high’ locations

ND – Negation -> laugh at me

Ending – You’re gonna become a carpenter, right?

Dining Hall – How do you get your hair to do that? / Want something to drink? / What should we talk about…?

Leon – No triple ‘very high’ locations

ND – Negation -> keep this hidden from everyone until this is all over

Ending – What about singing?

Rec. Room – Is that a slot machine back there? / I’m not sure about any of these games… / Let’s give darts a shot.


ND – Affirmation -> handed down from the gods…

Ending – I’ll join you as your friend.

Dining Hall – Want something to drink? / Every meal is important. / So what do you like to do at night?


ND – Affirmation -> Beg him to help me!

Ending – Attend that seminar?

Dining Room – For breakfast, Japanese style is best. / Let’s make lunch and go eat somewhere! / Tell me all about power spots.

Music Room – I’d love to hear Sayaka sing sometime… / I’m a big fan of music. / That piano looks pretty expensive…


ND – Negation -> just think I’m awful

Ending – Just let yourself get immersed in it!

Library – I love reading! / It’s so quiet in here… / Do you come to the library a lot?

Rec Room – They have some computer magazines here. / Wanna play Othello? / Hope’s Peak really is amazing…

Sayaka – No triple ‘very high’ locations

ND – Negation -> being a nuisance

Ending – I feel the same way…

Dining Hall – Let’s make lunch and go eat somewhere! / Want something to drink? / Do you know how to cook?

Music Room – That piano looks pretty expensive! / I’d love to hear you sing sometime… / I’m a big fan of music.

Kyoko – No triple ‘very high’ locations

ND – Negation -> there’s nothing I can do.

Ending – What you’ve already lost?

Dining Hall – Would you like some coffee? /  Do you know how to cook? / I could go for something sweet…

School Store – There’s even incense and perfume… / That’s a pretty cute doll. / I want this awesome armor!


ND – Affirmation -> swim like crazy!

Ending – Weren’t you gonna go for the gold?

School Store – They have candy and sweets and stuff, too! / Let’s dig for treasure! / Do they have any new DVDs here…?

Toko / Genocide Jack

ND – Negation -> p-pointless expectations

Ending – We’re friends!

Library – I love reading! / Do you write using a computer? / Do you read any fanfic stuff?


ND – Affirmation -> he accepts me for it

Ending – Mental fortitude?

School Store – That’s a pretty cute doll. / Let’s organize things in here a little… / Would that barrel be good for training?

Celeste – No triple ‘very high’ locations

ND – Affirmation -> stand by my side

Ending – A European castle?

Dining Hall – For breakfast, Japanese style is best. / So what do you like to do at night? / All the food here is really good.

School Store – Is there anything interesting in here? / That vase looks pretty expensive… / Do you see anything you want?

Junko – No triple ‘very high’ locations

ND – Negation -> Makoto’s been spending so much time with me

Ending – Didn’t you want to search for a new dream?

Dining Room – Let’s make lunch and go eat somewhere! / Is it hard being a model? / When I’m starving, it’s burger time!


  • Ry

    “MINOR SPOILER ALERT – During the Chapter 5 Class Trial, make sure you refuse to pursue the lie when asked.”
    This is wrong, you are supposed to pursue the lie to get the bad ending first.

    • Jason Rice

      Thanks for catching that, missed it on an editing pass!