The Unique Promotion Of A Valley Without Wind 2

Arcen Games’ sequel to A Valley Without Wind, A Valley Without Wind 2, was recently released, and is being promoted in a somewhat unusual way.

If you’ve previously purchased the original A Valley Without Wind, you will get a copy of A Valley Without Wind 2 for free. Alternatively, if you purchase A Valley Without Wind 2, you will receive the first game gratis. It’s an interesting approach, and one that will give players a good look at the series’ evolution.

“Though this is a sequel to our 2012 release A Valley Without Wind, it’s more of a spiritual one; this game is a jump like Zelda 3 [sic] was from its predecessor,” says Erik Johnson of Arcen Games. “While we were able to accomplish a lot with the first game, it was experimental and clearly not for everybody. So once we got our finances together for an update to the graphics, we decided to put our focus on a brand-new game that took everything that we learned while making the first game, plus many new ideas.”

Both A  Valley Without Wind and A Valley Without Wind 2 will be bundled together on Steam (and elsewhere), and the dual pack will be sold at a twenty-five percent discount until February 25th.