Death Ray Manta Now Available on iOS

In a blog post introducing the iPhone version of his arcade shooter Death Ray Manta, developer Rob Fearon is clearly excited: the word “rejoice” appears several times. And you, dear reader, should rejoice as well, for Death Ray Manta is a fantastic experience.

Originally designed as a PC title, Death Ray Manta on iOS is a twin-stick shooter with a very distinct look. The arcade-style visuals are absolutely perfect, and if Fearon was aiming for the feel of cabinets from the 1980s, he’s hit his mark. When distilled down to a format like iOS, the result is beautiful, relentless, and frankly, bonkers.

Adjust your expectations accordingly – this is a touch screen, after all. That said, the only point of contention with the current version might be the somewhat obtrusive virtual joysticks on the screen, but an update will be released soon that will eliminate them. What’s left will be one of the best shooter experiences available on the iOS platform.

Death Ray Manta (iPhone and iPad) is available now in the app store, and is currently on sale. And personally, I hope the thrill of getting a game like this for less than a dollar never wears off.