Guns of Icarus Online OST

As you can probably guess, I’ve been playing a lot of Guns of Icarus Online recently, and I think it’s time I talk about the soundtrack. It’s a topic I’ve rather avoided because honestly, aside from the intro title and the battle music, I’ve never really noticed the music. I’m not sure it’s there. Don’t get me wrong; it might be there, but I’m usually so engrossed I wouldn’t notice. That being said, it’s a PvP game, so I don’t really think having a ton of music matters – but the music that does matter is there, and it’s gooooood.

First, there’s the title theme; the music that plays when you start up the game and chill in the menu or waiting for a round to start.

It’s lovely, it’s soothing, and the strings have a light, breezy quality that sounds like an airship flying high above the ground – but you can still see the ground, giving the music the lower string tones. It’s gorgeous and serene.

Then the match countdown starts and the music fades. You spawn on the boat, and you hear nothing except footfalls on a deck, maybe an engineer buffing a part, and (if you’re lucky) the captain telling you his/her gameplan. No music at all.

Then, let’s say you’re playing ‘Canyon Ambush’  (see the banner above) – it’s clouded, and you have to weave through tall hoodoos (or whatever they’re called) so you have no visibility across the map. Your ship starts to weave through the terrain, and it’s still silent.
Then you hear the drums.

(Sorry, there’s no better clip of the music online, as far as I can tell).

Once you get w/in range of an opponent, the battle theme starts, and it’s awesome. Just listen to it! I mean, these are literally war drums. Those drums alone get my blood pumping and my hands a little shaky – then we get the ominous woodwind and more drums. Past that, though, I generally get too focused on the game to notice the music.

A multiplayer PvP game like this (all FPS-y) doesn’t need a lot of music – and TF2 really only has music for the menus or events. Guns of Icarus Online covers the bases, and definitely benefits from it.