Kids & Games: ATOMS Express Toys

While every fiber of my being wants to start this article by quoting “We Are The World,” I’ll spare you. This is important.

I’ve always loved kids – their ingenuity is inspiring, and their minds, uncluttered with thoughts of sexism, race, or homophobia, are free to operate at light speeds without consequence.

I’m jealous, frankly.

All of the focus on gaming today is on realism and context, and we’re basically focusing all of our attention on teens and adults who play these games. But these teens and adults all started somewhere, and that somewhere is being ignored. That somewhere is with kids in grade school – and even toddlers.

In a feature next week, I’ll be examining the state of kids’ games: the dedicated consoles for kids, their games, and how it all connects to the games we enjoy as adults.

As a prelude to that, I want to draw attention to a great Kickstarter project that’s focused on this exact group – kids. The Seamless Toy Company Inc. is developing ATOMS Express Toys, designed to stimulate children’s creativity. If you imagine LEGO toys you can control with an iPhone, you’re in the right ballpark.

So please enjoy their pitch video, and take comfort in the fact that you’re watching the evolution of tomorrow’s creators.