Look What We Found: The Moon Sliver


I’ve never formalized it, but I’ve told several developers that I think smaller–yet still fulfilling–games are an untapped market. There are many arguments about the price of games on Steam and entertainment value, and there are even more conversations that happen about the price of app for iOS and Android devices.

What if we combined the two schools of thought? There’s not a single reason we can’t see wonderful experiences (crafted for PC, especially) that are relatively short and cost the same as an average app.

This week I played a game that shot straight to the top of my “Favorite Games of 2014″ list, and it just happens to fit the model I described. David Szymanski’s The Moon Sliver is only $1.50 on his itch.io page, and is playable in about an hour.

To get straight to the point, The Moon Sliver is wonderful. The story is laid out in a very unique way; sometimes simply walking past something will trigger a portion of the narrative to appear, and other times you have to interact with objects. But it lays it out in a very methodical way, so that you’re not given bits of the story out of context. You won’t see a single character, but this narrative design will make you intensely curious about every single one of them. There’s mystery and intrigue; it’s remarkable storytelling.

I would hope that a game like this could make a splash on Steam, and that other games like it could, too. Either way, The Moon Sliver is simply too good to pass on.