Look What We Found: Neotron


When we debuted this column, we never promised that everything we highlight would be brand-spankin’ new. It doesn’t matter when they were released, anyways; if games catch our attention, they’re worth our time.

Neotron is an exploratory adventure racer by Revolutionary Interactive. The team released a playable Alpha last year, and is in the “Concepts” section of Steam’s Greenlight. It’s top-down puzzle mechanics are nice and seem well-considered, but what really got me was the view. The conceit is that you’re navigating your craft across the innards of a quantum computer, and being top-down, the way the backgrounds roll beneath you conveys a real feeling of depth. It’s a wonderful effect that significantly enhances the gameplay.

Download the three playable levels and see for yourself, and be sure to pass along some encouragement to the developer–maybe we’ll get treated to an update that’s a little more recent than October of 2013.