Look What We Found: Aaru’s Awakening


One of the most amazing things about games is that there are a thousand different things about them that can capture players’ imaginations, but it takes playing the games for these things to be fully realized. But the art direction of a game is one aspect that can capture anyone’s imagination, even non-players.

Games featuring hand-drawn backgrounds and animations are nothing new, but the aesthetic is so unique that it’s notable in every instance. Aaru’s Awakening is a game currently being made by Lumenox Games, and features such an aforementioned hand-drawn style. Guiding the beast known as Aaru, the player will traverse the worlds of Dawn, Day, Dusk, and Night to defeat a diety who has taken control of the world.

Aaru’s Awakening is up for vote now on Steam Greenlight, but what’s more exiting is that you can play an alpha demo now!