Microsoft Quietly Lagging in Day-One Digital Offerings

Paper Mario: Sticker Star was released this past Sunday for the Nintendo 3DS system, and not only could you pick it up at your favorite brick-and-mortar establishment, but you could also get it from the eShop. This offering follows other games, like New Super Mario Bros. 2, which was also available on day one as a download.

Several recent major releases have also been available digitally on the PlayStation Network on day one, including Resident Evil 6 and Assassin’s Creed III.

Where does Microsoft stand in this? Currently, concurrent day-one downloads are not available on Xbox Live. 

 As detailed last week, Microsoft currently feels like the wild card in the race to launch the next-generation of consoles. There have been multiple rumors about the next Microsoft system, but the most pressing question is arguably with regards to what format it will use.

Whatever that format is, be it completely digital or licensing Sony’s Blu-ray technology, Microsoft’s current lack of day-one digital content is surprising to say the least. It’s far too early to tell what could possibly happen, but two of the Big Three have already proven their ability to offer the day-one convenience of new releases available digitally. This can be interpreted many ways, but nonetheless it’s a curiosity that could potentially raise doubts for consumers. 

The short version: Microsoft, it’s your move.