Retro Game Music Bundle: Nostalgia-riffic

retro gmb

A music bundle relying on nostalgia is an amusing move, especially for someone who didn’t play any of the classic games showcased in the new “Retro” Game Music Bundle. But even though I don’t have the nostalgia, I am really enjoying the music.

7/11: 7th Guest and 11th Hour Original Soundtrack

By The Fat Man and Team Fat, this is the soundtrack to 7th Guest and 11th Hour. The music is fascinating, and dances through all the genres that it feels like. There’s a huge variety, and I love it all. Just like the bundle description says, “It’s like a big slice of morbid-yet-delicious cake.”

Duke Nukem 3D: Original Soundtrack

By Lee Jackson and Bobby Prince, the description tells us “the background to Duke’s breakout first-person adventure will have you recalling crass one-liners at every turn.” I’m gonna be honest – without nostalgia backing it up, this soundtrack is pretty unimpressive. I expected more ass-kicking and less bubblegum-chewing, but it’s still not a bad soundtrack.

Myst : The Soundtrack

By Robyn Miller, it’s just as chill and ambient as you’d expect (or as you remember). I’m enjoying just letting it play in the background, but if you give it main stage, apparently you can “unearth new notes from the original D’ni epic.” Worth a thought, don’t you think?

Jazz Jackrabbit 1 & 2

By Robert Allen and Alexander Brandon, this is “62 tracks of jazz-funk glory.” Honestly, the only word I would add to that description is “synthy” – because jazz-funk it is, and glorious it is. Upbeat and funky, it’s a lot of fun to listen to.


Also by Alexander Brandon, it’s super energetic and exactly what I think of when I visualize mid-90s games and their music. With an almost gritty synth sound, the bundle calls it “a perfect storm of funk, jazz, and electronic styles.”

At level one (any donation over $1) you get the above 5 soundtracks. While I don’t talk about them, Level 2 ($10 or more) gets you an additional 16 OSTs (yeah, holy crap. SIXTEEN) that are worth considering. With nostalgia, I see this as being a very good purchase. Even without the nostalgia I’m enjoying my purchase; some albums I like more than others, but I’m glad to have access to all of them. The big question is: are you a bad enough dude to grab the bundle?