The Chrono Trigger X Jay-Z Mashup

A new mashup has taken the videogame music world by storm in the past week. This album is “Chrono Jigga,” produced by 2-Mello. It takes Chrono Trigger songs and crosses them with lyrics by hip-hop super-star Jay-Z.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Taking my love for hip-hop and my unabashed obsession for Chrono Trigger into account, I decided to delve into the album and see what all the fuss is about. My thoughts are as follows.

The first thing I noticed while listening to Chrono Jigga took me by surprise, and that is how well Jay-Z’s lyrics accompany songs from the SNES Classic. The beats match Jay-Z’s flow pretty much perfectly, and 2-Mello has done a great job finding the right songs to pair with Jay-Z. He alters the flow of the classic songs in some ways, but these alterations fit so well that you’ll have a hard time finding differences between the original versions and these new remixes, injecting a fresh, energetic twist to everything from the game’s main theme to Corridors in Time. Take, for example, my favorite track on the album, Masamune Problems:

Hot damn. If you didn’t at least start tapping your foot to that beat, you may need to check your pulse. You can hear where 2-Mello has made changes, such as with the main flute, and the choir added into the background, but these changes only enhance the synergy between Jay-Z’s lyrics and the track that accompanies it, without ruining the original vision of the song. Hell, I had to go back and make sure that the drums in Masamune Problems weren’t in the original Frog’s Theme!

Here’s my next favorite, Dirt Palace:

I like this track not only because Jay-Z’s lyrics are great, but 2-Mello uses sound effects straight from Chrono Trigger in the beat. I can’t really explain the level of nostalgia that was instilled in me upon hearing this. Not only does it work, and work *well,* it also shows that 2-Mello has a great love for the game he’s decided to sample from, with a level of detail I wasn’t at first expecting.

This leads to my concluding thoughts on Chrono Jigga: What 2-Mello has done here is amazing, and very well put together. While I don’t agree with some of the sentiments he feels about popular videogame based rappers not being out there (Mega-Ran, anybody?), there’s a level of quality and polish to this album that deserves to be listened to by Jay-Z and Chrono Trigger fans alike. And at the low, low price of $0, you couldn’t go wrong downloading Chrono Jigga.

I leave you with Gato’s Theme crossed over with Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love”:

Beyonce. Gato’s Theme.

Game over you guys. 2-Mello wins the internet.

  • Jason Rice

    I’m still completely shocked that we haven’t seen a really good mashup of the Silent Hill soundtracks. I mean, how does it get better than this – //