The Path of Exile Soundtrack Sucks, So Here’s Some Better Stuff To Play To

Alright, so I’m me and you’re you. Or you’re me and I’m you. Whatever. We’re hanging out, or maybe we’re alone, and we’re having a good time. We want to play some videogames, so we boot up  Path of Exile. It’s a little weird at first. It feels like it’s from 1997. There’s obviously no one with any sense of aesthetics involved with the creation of the game.

(If you’re not hip to it, Path of Exile is an action RPG in the vein of Diablo or Torchlight, with tons of clicking, stabbing, bludgeoning, magic-ing, and LOOT. It’s free to play and in open beta right now.)

But, shit. Those customization systems are pretty rad. There’s ton of enemies to murder. Killing them feels pretty good! And, damn, man! Those customization systems are PRETTY RAD! So we’re playing for a while and having a great time.

All the sudden, me/you/we realize that this game’s soundtrack is terrible. Like, murky-soupy-boring-terrible. And it’s a pretty redundant game. It needs a good soundtrack to keep you moving, killing, looting, etc.  You don’t want a bunch of hot garbage tunes killing your vibe, do you?

We sure as hell don’t. We hate it when people kill our vibe.  So here’s a few recommendations for albums that you can listen to while you play Path of Exile that don’t suck. And be sure to be on the lookout for more writing on the game from Tom and myself – coming soon!

California X – S/T


This album is a total ripper and it just came out, so you can look like one of the cool kids! These dudes from Amherst, MA are churning out muscular, riffy, fuzzed-to-hell jams that are well suited for bored Midwestern kids to drive around drunk to. However, they are propulsive and big enough to be absolutely joyous to play Diablo clones to, too.  Maybe put on your denim vest before you jump in?


Sleep – Dopesmoker


A personal favorite of Pixels or Death’s Sean McGeady, this album sounds like a bunch of people got together with moon-sized amplifiers and attempted to summon The Dark Lord himself.  Put it on, get pissed, and kill shit. Also, Dopesmoker is about an hour long – it’s an album that consists of one really lengthy song – which is about how long it will take you before the amount of customization in Path of Exile eradicates your brain.


Pallbearer – Sorrow and Extinction


One of the most insane, cinematic and powerful metal albums of 2012. It’s the perfect music to put on while you kill the massive hordes that Path of Exile offers. Especially poignant if you imagine you’re on a mad quest to avenge your fallen lover, which we always do. Also, dat guitar tone.


  • // Jason Rice

    As someone who tends towards snare drums and phat beats, I can honestly say that Infected Mushroom’s not-so-recent album “The Legend of the Black Shawarma” can turn any dreary ARPG into a mind-melting explosion of violence. It’s the only thing that got me through Diablo 3.

    Especially the track “Can’t Stop” – //