Transfiguration and GMB7

gmb 7

At this point it’s common knowledge that Austin Wintory knocked the ball out of the park with his soundtrack to Journey – being the first game soundtrack to be nominated for a Grammy, it brought game music to mainstream media in a way usually reserved for blaming games for violence.

I bring it up because recently Wintory published “Transfiguration,” a selection of his original soundtrack arranged for piano. As you’d expect, it’s gorgeous and transcendental, evoking all the emotions from the original game, but in a haunting way that only a piano can achieve. You can get it off his Bandcamp page, but it is also available if you get the newest Game Music Bundle and pay the $10 to get the higher bracket of albums.

I’ve spoken of the Game Music Bundle before – they’re awesome and they do awesome things. At this point, you have a single day to grab it; $10 gets you two different albums by Wintory (“Transfiguration” and the Banner Saga soundtrack), and 23 other amazing soundtracks. I think the Wintory soundtracks are worth the price of admission, and that’s underselling the rest of the soundtracks – but you’ll have to go take a listen to see for yourself.

Again, GMB7 ends in a day, so go check it out now.