Ubiktune’s Pilot Bundle

I have another music bundle to tell you about!

C-Jeff, the artist behind Preschtale, is one of the minds behind the netlabel Ubiktune - and their Pilot Bundle ends today! Although the site doesn’t say it, the organizer tells me that “the main part of the money will go to the support of the artists involved in the bundle, and the [smaller] part is for the Ubiktune support.” With that in mind, I have seven reasons for you to give them a dollar (or more!).

  1. Yoann Turpin’s “Rhythm ‘n’ Bits” is a tribute to the games he grew up with, so he’s taken them and their musical style, and applied them to modern R&B and funk to make an album of groovy chippy awesome.
  2. coda’s “tracer” takes a different approach to his tribute, and instead makes an instrumental space opera, complete with chiptunes and a deep space drifting feeling.
  3. Danimal Cannon’s “Roots” is almost a proof-of-concept – he takes a gameboy, sees what sounds it can make, and then experiments with any style of music he can create.
  4. Maxo’s “FAKEBIT 2010” is a compilation of just about every 8-bit piece he’s done, so the styles shift and change, all while keeping the playful chiptune feel.
  5. subPixel’s “The Wave” is a fascinating experiment; half is acoustic, half is chiptunes, and his idea was for you to listen to both, fading one in and out to merge acoustic with chiptunes.
  6. Zabutom’s “Zeta.Force” is pure, hectic, awesome chiptunes, reminiscent of your favourite 16-bit space shooty games.
  7. Shnabubula’s “Game Genie” is also a mixture of R&B, funk, and chiptunes, but for this one the chiptunes are the foundation on which other styles are built.

“But Caitlin!” you say. “Why pay money for something I can legally stream for free off their own site?”
Ah, a clever question indeed. Allow me to let C-Jeff himself explain.

Even though all the releases are available for free stream over the websites, they require some payment to be downloaded anyway (like “Roots” from Danimal Cannon is $10, for example). And that means with such a bundles (like Game Music Bundle, Humble Bundle, Indie Royal and so on) we give a chance to download the music/games/etc for as cheap as possible price for the audience, and support the artists at the same time.

Pretty standard fare for a music bundle, really. Support the artists and support the netlabel that helps put them out there and encourages more music. If you think about it, how could you afford not to? So go check out Ubiktune’s Pilot Bundle - you have less than a day to get in on this web shit while the getting’s good*!